ReGen for the Next Gen 2019 National Consumer Study

THE EMERGING REGENERATIVE CUSTOMER | What They Think, How They Feel, & What They're Urging Companies To Do Next
ReGen for the Next Gen 2019 National Consumer Study


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Whole Health Marketing™ in collaboration with ReGenFriends™ conducted a national study of over 1,500 shoppers aged 18 and older to discover what they know about “regenerative” principles and a wider range of topics relating to how regeneration can positively affect their lives through their buying choices. The results are stunning.

We assessed the customer appeal of regenerative as a communication platform for companies and brands to approach their customer. Most importantly, we let customers describe, in their own words, what they want from brands and organizations to create a regenerative future.  

When we presented the principles of regenerative business, focusing on “doing good” and “true accountability” the consumers were overwhelmingly in favor of regenerative business as a complement to sustainability.

When we took it even further to describe the benefits of regenerative agriculture, they embraced it with VIGOR. The 2019 ReGenForTheNextGen™ consumer survey was fielded in February of 2019 among shoppers of food, clothing, personal care, household goods, & technology. A general population group and organic shoppers were selected via an online survey in the USA.  Topline results of the survey will be presented at the ReGenFriends™ Customer-Centric Business Summit on March 21, 2019 at the Golden Gate Club in the Presidio of San Francisco.

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